Welcome from Chancellor Divina Grossman

Dear Students,


Welcome to UMass Dartmouth! I am excited that you are here for your new educational adventure. There is a wealth of opportunities here for you to learn, make new friends, and begin to work to achieve your dreams. I look forward to seeing you on Move-in Day and at all the campus events when the new academic year begins.


As someone who reads voraciously, I am thrilled you are all going to be engaged in reading the same book, “The Righteous Mind.” At a time when our public dialogue is increasingly polarized, this book will help us think about how we form our opinions and how we communicate with each other in a way that is constructive and transcends mere self-interest. Happy reading!



2 thoughts on “Welcome from Chancellor Divina Grossman

  1. Ernest Frimpong says:

    Haidt’s book The Righteous mind is a thought-provoking that makes one appreciate and understand why people do stuff they do or think how they do.It shows that there more to just the fact that there is “reason” why people have views on moral issues but rather an intuition within that makes that reason stable in ones judgement of morality

  2. I liked the psychological aspect of the book but couldn’t get through most of the pages without discomfort with the writing style. Some of the quotes were pretty nice & helped guide around his 3 points of view, particularly the elephant rider one. I think the human mind is a tool for the higher consciousness to use, rather than the theory in current psychology that our minds sort of control us. It’s debatable that psychologists actually have proven we’re products of our mind, however hella people have fell into sloth & greed in society, which has allowed for our minds to objectify and simplify many of us into beings indeed controlled by their minds.

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